World Yoyo Championships 2014 Videos

It's the big one. The one you've all been waiting for. Our penultimate major competition of the year, we'll find out who sits at the top of the world this year. Guaranteed to have the most famous names in yoyo, and a few upstarts for good measure to shake things up. Watch as they all try to pull off their favourite routines and wow the crowds and the judges.

1A Final Winner - Gentry Stein

Gentry has been around for a few years now, always threatening he'd be a world beater one day. And here we are. His previous best finish was 3rd in 2011, but he's always in and amongst it. And what a performance to do it with. Some serious innovation, huge tricks, and he looks cool as a cucumber doing it. He's raising the profile of yoyo with over 1.2 million Youtube views.

1A Women's Final Winner - Tessa Piccillo

This is an extraordinary performance - as it has to be at the World Champs - to win 1st place. Tessa Piccillo absolutely smashes it and adds her name to the growing list of inspiration for young girls starting yoyo. Such a smart and clean routine!

2A Final Winner - Takuma Yamamoto

Takuma Yamamoto came defending his world champion crown, and defended with quite some success! He does the double with a brilliant routine with some flashy god yoyos!

3A Final Winner - Hajime Miura

An absolutely absurd performance from this youngster to knock Hank Freeman off his 3A perch. Hajime will certainly be around for a while, and it'll take some serious skills to beat his creativity. 3A players, up your game!

4A Final Winner - Rei Iwakura

It really is a year for breathtaking performances. Rei just knocks it out of the park here. No more words, just watch!

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5A Final Winner - Takeshi Matsuura

Now here's another recognisable name! This is Takeshi's fifth world title in a row, and sixth overall. He continues to teach a lesson to all other 5A players. We're watching him grow up infront of our eyes! From boy to man.....

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