World Yoyo Championships 2011 Videos

The best in the world battle for the ultimate award. Coming together from all over the world, but largely dominated by Japan and the US, players test themselves to the max, trying to lay down the best performance of their lives.

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1A Final Champion - Marcus Koh

Marcus Koh wins his first World Champion title in 2011 with all the necessary style! Have a look at his brilliant routine and get inspired. He went from his first world competition in 2008 to winning the title three years later! That's some meteoric rise!

2A Final Champion - Shinji Saito

Shinji Saito is the most successful yoyo champion in history! In terms of World Championship records, he has won 8 world titles in the 2A division. More than anyone else. Ever. He's got Takeshi Matsuura coming up behind him, looking at that record, but for now, appreciate the magic of Saito.

3A Final Champion - Hank Freeman

Hank Freeman, another master of his category, shows just how to do it in 3A. Hank knows how to bring his a-game to the big competitions. Have a look and see if you can pick up any tips from the american!

4A Final 2nd Place - Bryan Figueroa

Naoto Okada actually claimed first place in 4A, but here's a video of Bryan Figueroa! Bryan's excellent performance wasn't quite enough to grab  the top spot, but it's still inspiring stuff from one of the best guys in 4A. Also, here's his Fiesta XX yoyo!

5A Final Champion - Takeshi Matsuura

This is Takeshi's third World title. Famously, in 2008 he was the youngest ever World Champion. He's really at the forefront of 5A play and will continue to rule the roost for years to come! He's already got himself three signature yoyos: the most popular of which is the YoyoJam Destiny!

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