US Yoyo Championships 2011 Videos

Some pretty special performances from the Yanks over the pond. The best in the US come together at the US Yoyo Championships to text out their new tricks and learn from their fellow competitors.

Alongside the Asia-Pacific division, the US throws up a lot of World Champions, so have a look at the winners below for some potential world-beaters!

1A Finals Winner - Harold Owens III

Harold has a super smooth style and runs through this routine in one fluid motion, You can see he's a little disappointed perhaps by a couple of drops, but it was definitely enough to win the competition! Check out the huge final trick of his performance, that he pulls off making it look easy.

2A Finals Winner - Joseph Harris

Joseph Harris has been winning yoyo competitions since 1999. He wins another here with an excellent 2A display. Joseph's signature yoyo is the YoyoJam Unleashed, so grab one for yourself and start practising your 2A moves!

3A Finals Winner - Hank Freeman

World Champion Hank Freeman shows how it's done in the 3A category. He's a member of the Duncan crew and an absolute master of his art, so have a look at his routine and see what you can learn.

4A Finals Winner - Bryan Figueroa

Another huge performer in his division, Bryan Figueroa is a hugely experienced winner in a popular 4A category. He is a memeber of Team YoyoJam and has his signature yoyo the Fiesta XX. 4A will test some new yoyo skills for you, so get involved!

5A Finals Winner - Samm Scott

Samm knocked three-time winner Miguel Correa off the top spot to open the floor for some new 5A winners. As always, 5A adds a whole other mesmerising dimension to the art of yoyo and Samm displays this well!


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