UK Yoyo Nationals 2013 Videos

Everyone brings their a-game to the UK Nationals. The biggest event in Britain brings competitors from the Northern, Southern and Eastern Regional contests together to battle it out. 

Have a look at our trick videos and advanced yoyos and soon you'll be up amongst these guys!

1A Finals Winner - Yuji Kelly

Yuji Kelly holds onto his title from 2012! A great selection of tricks, well executed, is the perfect recipe for success. 

1A Finals 2nd Place - Emil Wojcik

Some fresh tricks and a smooth run from Emil secures 2nd place for him. Have a look at our books and dvds to grab something to help you learn some of the top tricks like the pros!

1A Finals 3rd Place - Victor Kojuharov

Bronze medal for Victor Kojuharov in the 2013 competition! He's got the moves to be up among the best this year. Nice work Victor!


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