UK Yoyo Nationals 2012 Videos

Some fantastic performances from the Brits at the UK Nationals earlier this year! Held in London, throwers came from all over the country to show off their skills and hobnob with fellow yo-lovers.

Get inspired and then grab yourself a pro yoyo to practise the same tricks!

1A Finals Winner - Yuji Kelly

Yuji Kelly blew away the competition to grab first place. He's using a good looking green string, check out our strings to make sure your tricks and binds stand out! Give some of Yuji's tricks a go....

1A Finals 2nd Place - Krisztian Kaluzsa

Another new face in the increasingly popular UK National competition, Krisztian shows some panache and confidence to take home second prize.

1A Finals 3rd Place - Francesco Salvi

A former here in the UK, Francesco comes back for 3rd place, letting some of the other guys have a go at winning! This is another impressive routine from Francesco and we're sure he'll be back to regain his top spot!


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