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Brand: YoYoJam
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YoYoJam has been well-known for making some of the best hybrid yo-yos on the market. They create innovative plastic yo-yo's with metal rims and unique bi-metal hybrid yo-yo's -- but this is the first time they have ever created a metal yo-yo with plastic rims! This one-of-a-kind hybrid creation plays unlike any other YoYoJam yo-yo you have ever thrown before.

The XLR8 is a hybrid model offering a small metal body paired with large celcon rims. These celcon rims have an extremely smooth feel on the outer edges, making grind tricks easy. The metal body balances the yo-yo perfectly, which will allow your style to look smoother than ever and gives the yo-yo a unique weight distribution and an amazing float-y feel during play. Not only does this yo-yo have the smooth feel inside and out, but its shape also is designed for modern day yo-yoing -- low cut walls and rounded rims. XLR8 feels just right in the hand, offers great stability, and is perfect for horizontal tricks. It also features a center dimple on the sides that act as lateral caps, making it ideal for top-on style tricks.

XLR8 comes stocked with YoYoJam's Solid Spin Axle system, 10 Ball Speed Bearing, and silicone response to generate a smoother style. Accelerate your game with YoYoJam's all new XLR8!

Please note the following warning regarding this product: Not for children under 13. Choking hazard - contains small parts.

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