European Yoyo Championships 2011 Videos

The best in Europe battled it out in January this year at the European Yoyo Championships. The EYYC is a new competition, having had just one previously in 2010. A great place for the multitudes of astonishing European yoyo enthusiasts to share their inspirarional skills!

Sit back and admire the winners of each category below!

1A Final Champion - Tomas Bubak

Tomas Bubak completes a mesmerising, open, and clean routine to win the top spot! A huge improvement on 2010's 19th place, this Czech champion amazed the crowds. Check out our Duncan yoyos and see if you can replicate some of his tricks!

2A Final Champion - Dave Geigle

The title holder from 2010, Dave Geigle starts a reign of 2A dominance with this performance. Combining his class routine with singing and smiling the whole way through, he looks like he's having fun!

3A Final Champion - David Molnar

The Hungarian jack-of-all-trades, and certainly master of this one, throws down a brilliant routine to secure his first EYYC title. Have a look at his routine below and get practising!

4A Final Champion - Nandor Groger

A neat performance from the 4A champion from Hungary. Have a look at his routine and if you're inspired, grab yourself an off-string yoyo and have a go!

5A Final Champion - David Molnar

David Molnar proves he is the master in another category too! Always in amongst the top three spots in this category, he gets his first, but not his last, 1st place finish with this crowd-pleasing, innovative performance.


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