Asia Pacific Yoyo Championships 2014 Videos

The winners in the Asia-Pacific Yoyo Competition are often names to watch out for in the World Championships later in the year. So you've got to expect some huge performances from these guys! Prepare to be amazed......

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1A Final Winner - Ahmad Kharisma

Ahmad continues his run of form as the defending champion coming into this competition. Despite a tangle, his tricks are enough to hold off a strong 1A field (including many former AP and World champions!). He's bending his body into to knots to get there though....

2A Final Winner - Shinji Saito

Nobody's surprised to see Shinji's name in first place. Affter a couple of years away from his Asia Pacific 2A title, he comes back to claim it with some style!

3A Final Winner - Hajime Miura

At his first Asia-Pacific performance, Hajime displays some serious skill to take the crown! Amazing confidence and composure to produce this winning routine. (Skip to a 1.30)

4A Final Winner - Jeon Ji Hwan

An amazing array of skills displaying in Jeon Ji Hwan's routine here. Grinds, stalls, intricate string work and an amazing control of the yoyo in the air. Try not to get distracted by how enormous his shoes are like we did, and instead appreciate the masterclass in 4A! He's obviously pretty pleased at the end too.

5A Final Winner - Jaued Cervas

Jaued starts off with some one handed wizardry before going into some more complex string tricks! Check out this routine from another Filipino yoyo master!


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