Asia Pacific Yoyo Championships 2012 Videos

See Hiroyuki Suzuki regain his 1A domination of the Asia Pacific Yoyo Championships and the winners of the all the categories show their winning displays. Loads of competitors from all over Asia showed their best routines in a bid to win this popular competition. They'll all get their flights paid for to the World Championships on August 12.

1A Final Champion - Hiroyuki Suzuki

A huge name in the yoyo world! Hiroyuki always displays dramatic performances with the highest level of skill. It's not the only time he appears in these pages, you'll see him as a World Champion too! He was a member of Team YoyoJam and was behind a range of 8 yoyos for them! Check out the Chaser, Phenom and Phenomizm!

2A Final Champion - Shunsuke Kawakami

This is Shusuke's best result in his career so far! A fantastic performance to clinch the best prize in the house for the 2A competitors. See if you get inspired by his performance...

3A Final Champion - Wong Chak Wing

Arguably China's best yoyo player, Wong Chak Wing wins the first of his two Asia-Pacific titles with a superb display in the 3A category.

4A Final Champion - Lim Aik Hwee

The quality of the tricks he DOES land make up for how many he drops! Using 5 yoyos in this performance, it just shows you don't need the perfect run to take first place. Some stunning tricks pulled off with the Duncan Hayabusa.

5A Final Champion - Bryan Jardin

Not the cleanest routine from this Phillipino thrower, but enough to win his first AP Championship! Bryan is a member of Team Duncan and has some tricks up his sleeve here to beat out the other competitors...


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