13 of the Best Professional YoYo Videos

Check out some of these pros showing off their best moves, then check out our advanced yoyos to see if you can match their trick!

John Ando

Josh Ando won the US national yoyo championships for four consecutive years between 2004 and 2007.  He uses the signature Prostar yo yo by Yoyo Factory.

He is based in Japan, and was previously sponsored by Yomega before moving to YoYoFactory. He is a master of string tricks, using parts of the body other than his hands. Take a look below at some of his amazing tricks.

Andrew Bergen

Andrew Bergen displays his sweet yoyo skills in this nice video. See if you can master any of the same tricks by using our books and DVDs!

Kojo Boison

Kojo Boison is the manager of the European Yoyofactory offices. You can see why he's worthy of the title, certainly from a creativity standpoint! 

Christopher Chia

The Singaporean talent has been on the yoyo scene for years now. He was the champion in the Asia-Pacific Competition 2011, and has shown his face in the top three of the World Championships in the last few years too.

John Chow

This professional is currently a student at MIT. He's known for using a novelty yoyo in competitions - not a common occurence. Have a look at how he does it. Check out the YoyoJam Classic for your own competition level plastic yoyo.

Augie Fash

Recognisable for his fast paced yoyo tricks, Augie has been around for years. He won the US National Yoyo Championships in 2004, He's released a series of Yoyofactory signature yoyos.

Mateusz Ganc

This Polish player, a member of YoyoFactory's Contest Team, has been in the top five of both European Yoyo Competition, and World Yoyo Competition! Have a look at his skills below:

Victor Gravitsky

Victor Gravitsky has won the Russian Nationals, winning the third with a plastic yoyo, which, up against all the top of the range yoyos, is an impressive achevement. Have a look at some of his best moves here!

A Protege Video, Joe and Mark

Mark Mangarin is making his name in the yoyo industry and can be found around the top five of his regional US yoyo competitions. Expect to see more of him in the future....

And Joe Wilson is another up and coming name on the scene. Both these guys are going to keep raising the level of yoyo! 

Paul Kerbel

Here's a well known name. Have a look and see what the Mexican yoyo master can teach you! Paul Kerbel is a multiple time Mexican Champion and is always pushing for a World Championship top spot.

Marcus Koh

Hailing from Singapore along with Christopher Chia, Marcus won the World Championship title in 2011. He's one of the top names in the Asia-Pacific bracket and certainly the whole world too.

Harold Owens III

The winner of the 2011 US Nationals, Harold is part of the younger generation of American players coming through. He's got the style and skills to prove his worth!

Alexander Pelevin

Alexander is successful in his native Russia. It's a growing scene in Russia, so he'll be improving and learning all the time. A part of of Team YoyoFactory, this video is a great introduction!


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