World Yoyo Championships 2013 Videos

Who came out on top of the world in 2013?

1A Final Champion - Janos Karancz

Janos is the first European winner at the worlds in any of the main 5 categories! He barges his way into the history books with a concentrated, intricate style of play. He beat a lot of previous world champions to get to the top, and we hope we'll see a lot more of him!

2A Final Champion - Takuma Yamamoto

Unsurprisingly a Japanese victor in the category at the worlds that is just DOMINATED by Japan. He's got great style and pulls off a brilliant routine to clinch top spot. Have a look at our Raiders and Fireballs for your 2A needs!

3A Final Champion - Hank Freeman

Hank Freeman gets his World Championships 3A hat-trick with this typically difficult, smooth display. If you're going to learn 3A off anyone, learn it off Hank!

4A Final Champion - Michael Nakamura

Michael Nakamura brought his a-game along this year to fight off competition for the 1st prize at the 2013 World Yoyo Championships. He's a top performer and showed his skills with a top routine!

5A Final Champion - Takeshi Matsuura

Takeshi continues to show how it's done in what is in danger of becoming 'Takeshi's Category' rather than 5A! He keep raising his game and looks set to be up in the tops spots for years to come.


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