US Yoyo Championships 2014 Videos

As ever, the best American players look amazing in these winning routines! It's brilliant to watch the new performers rise through the ranks, and some of the 'old' hands keep their crowns! Get inspired.

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1A Finals Winner - Zach Gormley

Zach Gormley holds off tough competition from last year's winner, Gentry Stein, to take the top spot in this category. Love the soundtrack, and love the incredible performance too! He kept his cool and came away with the huge achievement of US 1A Champion.

2A Finals Winner - Joseph Harris

Joseph Harris has some fun in the sun as he defends his 2013 title with a confident, classy performance. He continues to be a great inspiration to all wannabe 2A players out there! Now go get yourself Harris' signature yoyo the Unleashed!

3A Finals Winner - Alex Hattori

Another top player keeping his position as gold medallist in the 3A category in the USA, Alex has maintained a stellar level of play to come away with the title again in 2014. He'll be around for years to come and we can't wait to keep watching!

4A Finals Winner - Zac Rubino

Zac has all the charisma and style to take this year's 4A crown. There are some wicked catches in this routine, as well as some intricate string work in the middle. Zac is a member of the Duncan team and is friends with Gentry Stein! 

5A Finals Winner - Tyler Severance

No stranger to the top of the pile, Tyler mesmerises the crowd with a brilliant 5A performance. With his trademark glasses and equally trademark high quality performance, Tyler Severance has another trophy to add to his cabinet!

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