US Yoyo Championships 2013 Videos

Some familiar names in the champions slots this year, check out their new routines. It's always a huge competition in the US, lots of competitors encouraging and pushing each other to do better. The winners of all five categories are shown below!

Don't forget to have a look at our Trick Videos section and some demo videos from the professionals!

1A Finals Winner - Gentry Stein

Gentry Stein grabs first place in the 1A category with his fast, open, smooth style. He's got some smart tricks up his sleeve too! He looks like he's enjoying his routine and is rewarded with the automatic entrance into the Worlds that comes with first place!

2A Finals Winner - Joseph Harris

Joseph harris gives us another masterclass in how to succeed in the 2A division. The Hawaiian born champion makes it past a slight entanglement at the off to put in a stellar routine and take the crown! Now go get yourself Harris' signature yoyo the Unleashed!

3A Finals Winner - Alex Hattori

Alex Hattori claims his first US National Yoyo Championship with a brilliant display of 3A excellence! We hope we'll see a lot more of Alex in the future, inspiring and innovating for all his fellow 3A lovers!

4A Finals Winner - Ian Johnson

Just an absurd performance from the first time winner Ian Johnson. Not a single drop, and a huge range of tricks. He loves his grinds but there's neat little string tricks, physical body tricks and all the imagination you need to excel in this category. Ian uses the ReXtreme, so grab one for yourself!

5A Finals Winner - Jake Elliot

Another clean performance to win another division at the 2013 US Yoyo Championships. Jake shows great speed and agility in a performance full of energy! 

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