US Yoyo Championships 2012 Videos

The best in the US fight it out! To get as good as these guys, grab a yoyo DVD and a top yoyo (and maybe a cool coloured string!) and practise practise practise!

Some familiar names make up a collection of new and returning winners this year. Zach Gormley and Patrick Borgerding represent the younger generation of yoyo masters!

1A Finals Winner - Zach Gormley

Zach is going to be around winning titles for years to come. He's got style, he's got grace, he is Mr 1A Champion. He's got all the innovative, original tricks you need to take the prize. He's an example to us all!

2A Finals Winner - Patrick Mitchell

And we're back to a regular face on the yoyo scene, Patrick now works full time for YoyoFactory in the US. He will show you what it takes to be a great 2A player. Not only by watching this performance, but by watching the Yomega Mania DVD, on which he is featured!

3A Finals Winner - Patrick Borgerding

Another new face to the winner's pedestal, Patrick claims his first victory at the US National Yoyo Championships. 3A always takes just an amazing amount of coordination and concentration not to completely mess it up. Beautifully synchronised, and with some great new tricks, Patrick deserves his first place!

4A Finals Winner - Bryan Figueroa

Guess how many times in a row Figueroa has won this category? This is his SIXTH time winning. Have a look at what it takes to be such a legendary figure in 4A history and then get his Fiesta XX so you can emulate his skills!

5A Finals Winner - Tyler Severance

This is Tyler's second US title. He won his first in 2007, alongside a World Champions spot. Incredibly, he won his World Championship with the Duncan FH Zero, an all plastic yoyo! Have a look at the new tricks and experience he's learnt on the intervening five years....


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