UK Yoyo Nationals 2011 Videos

Some fantastic performances from the Brits at the UK Nationals earlier this year! It's worth noting that there are limited categories at the UK National Yoyo Competition, so definitely no Women's Corli du Toit was doin' it for the sisters and got 5th in the general division.

1A Finals Winner - Francesco Salvi

Francesco performed a stellar routine with heaps of confidence to grab the title of British Champion. Quick, clean and varied, just what you want in your winning performance!

1A Finals 2nd Place - Will Ford

Another genre in the soundtrack and another routine of great tricks to place 2nd in the competition. Will Ford pulls off some intricate string tricks and huge body tricks in this routine!

1A Finals 3rd Place - Matt Gallacher

Matt Gallacher finishes off the podium with his performance. Watch this routine from the third best player in the UK and get some inspiration!


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