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On sale since 1954, the Duncan Butterfly's wide string gap has made it easier for thousands of b..
Duncan Assorted Strings
5 assorted colour yoyo strings from Duncan. Suitable for any yoyo! ..
Duncan Looping Stickers - 12mm Diameter
Looping Stickers can be used with any Duncan yoyo that uses friction stickers. Looping Stickers are ..
Duncan Silicone Stickers 8 Pack
Most Duncan® yoyos come with some form of 'sticker' response. These Duncan Silicone Stic..
Duncan YoYo Glove
For use on your catching hand, this slick glove cuts down on friction for high-speed string tricks! ..
Developed by Duncan Crew Japan, the Hayabusa sets a new standard for the perfect offstring yoyo. Com..
The world's best selling yoyo from Duncan! The Imperial was first introduced in 1954 and is base..
Unleash your version of yoyo chaos with the one and only MayheM! A product of years of Duncan yoyo e..
Please note - this product is reduced due to damaged packaging (small tear on cardboard outer). D..
The Mosquito is a lightweight beginners yoyo with a high speed ball-bearing axle. The butterfly shap..
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The ProFly yoyo by Duncan is a good beginner's yoyo, with modified flared shape and rim-weighted..
The perfect addition to the classic Duncan beginner's line, the modified shape, rim-weighted, ta..
YOYO: BEST FOR NIGHT PLAY --- LEDs LIGHT UP IN DARK! Not only the best light-up yo-yo on the market..
The Duncan Reflex features special "Auto-Return" technology to bring the yoyo back to your..
Speed Beetle
The Speed Beetle is the next evolution of the Duncan looping yo-yo. Using a high-speed ball-bearing ..
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