European Yoyo Championships 2015 Videos

The European finals bring out some top rouitnes as always. There's heaps of wicked new tricks and styles to give you some ideas as the European masters display their prowess and get the yoyo world ready for a new year of competitions!

Have a browse through the newest tricks and get some inspiration.

1A Final Champion - Jakub Dekan

Jakub Dekan is another speedster winner of the 1A category, following in the footsteps of last year's winner Carlos Braun. Jakub pulled off a clean, confident, super fast routine to collect the winner's medal. There's some debate as to whether his tricks are original enough to warrant first place, but his execution of the performance seems to have been enough to hold off the competition. See what you think:

2A Final Champion - Jan Schmutz

Hailing from Switzerland, this smartly dressed gentleman takes the 2A title in 2015. A huge, open performance, with the required amount of showmanship and well-executed tricks, Jan Schmutz puts himself at the top of the European 2A game!

3A Final Champion - Stephen Langley

Representing the UK, this isn't the cleanest routine, but Stephen succeeds in completing enough of his complex 3A tricks to take the top spot. It's a difficult category and Langley takes the top spot in Europe in 2015.

4A Final Champion - Quentin Godet

Quentin continues to rule in Europe with another victory this year. His energy is huge, and he pulls off some major tricks to get the crowd excited! He's a lot of fun to watch and hopefully will inspire you to take up 4A (with our ReXtreme, perhaps!)

5A Final Champion - David Molnar

And here's another defending champion holding onto his crown. David Molnar is so relaxed and confident on stage, he's got some massive imaginative new tricks and pulls it all off with style with a top notch routine

1A Open Final Champion - Ryosuke Iwasawa

Here to represent the rest of the world in the Open category, Ryosuke impresses with a clean routine with a spectacular finish that really gets the crowd worked up! He's got some awesome combinations in here - get inspired!

1A Women's Division Final Champion - Julia Gutowska

Julia takes the women's title this year, with a tight, technical performance. She's cool, calm and composed and shows her competitors how its done. Great work, Julia!

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