European Yoyo Championships 2014 Videos

See what you make of the 2014 European champions. Always the first competition of the year, the European players set the tone for the rest of the year. Here's to a strong year of yoyo performances!

Have a browse through the newest tricks and get some inspiration.

1A Final Champion - Carlos Braun

Carlos Braun is the first German winner of the 1A European division, joining his fellow countryman Dave Geigle in the yoyo history books. Carlos uses his whole body well to help his performance, as well as being so mind-blowingly fast it's sometimes hard to follow. Pause, rewind, watch again. Pause. Rewind. What just happened?

2A Final Champion - Dave Geigle

It's our old favourite Dave Geigle! Will this guy ever stop being the best in Europe! He continues to wow everyone by being the most class european act in th 2A division. As always, he brings new tricks and a cool head to win his regular prize...

3A Final Champion - Michal Jasko

Another returning champion, Jasko gets his hat-trick this year with another solid performance. Displaying all the coordination and calm required to complete a 3A routine without blowing everything, Michal is looking strong at the top!

4A Final Champion - Quentin Godet

A huge performance from a new 4A champion. You can hear how much the crowd love it! It's no wonder, some of the moves he pulls off. A particular favourite is the no-look at 1.15! He's got all the charm and energy you look for in a 4A competitor and hopefully we'll see more of him in the future.

5A Final Champion - David Molnar

David is an EYYC master, competing in, and often winning, the 3A, 4A and 5A categories. This year he's victorious in the 5A category with a fresh routine, enough to hold off all the other top European acts!

1A Open Final Champion - Paul Kerbel

A Mexican winner in the Open category, Paul Kerbel tried desperately to trip himself up and strangle himself, but didn't manage either and ended up winning 1st place.

1A Women's Division Final Champion - Jaslyn Shi

Jaslyn Shi comes from Singapore to take the women's crown. A great routine is more than enough for first place. Check out our trick videos to emulate some of her style!

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