European Yoyo Championships 2013 Videos

It's a European showdown! 2012 brings another chance for Europeans to come together and celebrate our love for the yo. Don't forget to check out our trick guides to get yourself on track to get as good as these guys! This year 'throws' out some unsurprisingly good results...

1A Final Champion - Janos Karancz

The first in this year's ever present Hungarian representation, Janos shows that he's made of stern stuff to pull off this wonderful routine and defeat his rivals! Check out our Duncan yoyos to be just like Janos.

2A Final Champion - Dave Geigle

It's the 2A king, Dave Geigle, showing just why he's sitting on his throne, and why it'll be a huge challenge to knock him off it! Dave's the guy to get 2A inspiration from, so get watching!

3A Final Champion - Michael Jasko

Czech Republic players also have a lot of success at the European Yoyo Championships and Michael Jasko is the latest. Have a look at this top class performance and find out what it takes to win 3A.

4A Final Champion - Lorenzo Sabatini

The ever-popular 4A category, Lorenzo pulls off a near-faultless first half of this performance, with all the showmanship you need in Off-String! 

5A Final Champion - Jan Hlinka

The first Slovakian champion, Jan Hlinka shows some serious skills to win his 5A crown. Have a look at his performance for inspiration and then grab a 5A yoyo in our advanced yoyos!

1A Open Final Champion - Kota Watanabe

Kota shows he is the best of the rest in the Open competition - where all non-europeans who have made the trip can battle it out! Nice performance here towin 1st place...

1A Women's Division Final Champion - Julia Gutowska

In an ever growing representation of women in the yoyoing world, Julia cements her place in yoyo history as one of the front runners by winning the Women's division!


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