Asia Pacific Yoyo Championships 2013 Videos

The huge Asia Pacific Yoyo Championships throws up some stunning performances as usual! A new name in the 1A category, beating two former champions, Hiroyuki Suzuki and Christopher Chia. Another new name in 2A as the Japanese continue their run of winners since 2003, and some returning champions in the remaining categories.

1A Final Champion - Ahmad Kharisma Luhur

The 12 year old from Indonesia burst onto the scene with a confident routine to take the crown! He beat many old pros with a brilliant performance and will hopefully be around to impress us for years to come!

2A Final Champion - Ginji Miura

Another first time champion comes in to astound fans and players alike. Ginji'a got a great style and we're sure YoyoFactory will be supporting him in many further successes. Have a look at his routine.

3A Final Champion - Wong Chak Wing

Emulating Hiroyuki Suzuki in terms of both fashion and success, here's another commanding performance from the Chinese master!

4A Final Champion - Tsubasa Onishi

Coming back after his 2011 victory, Tsubasa plays up to the crowd at the same time as completing a successful routine! Pulling off a risky guillotine at the beginning, he continues to give a 4A masterclass!

5A Final Champion - Bryan Jardin

His second 1st place at the Asia-Pacific Championships in as many years, Bryan continues to lead the way with this sublime performance. Check it out and get inspired!

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