Asia Pacific Yoyo Championships 2011 Videos

The Asia Pacific Yoyo Championships 2011 threw out some surprises. An excellent display from Christopher Chia won him the 1A category, breaking Hiroyuki Suzuki's 6 year domination, since the event's conception in 2003. See the winners of the all the categories show their winning displays.

1A Final Champion - Christopher Chia

Christopher Chia is a regular in the top spots in both the Asia Pacific Championships and the World Championships. Smooth styles and a great routine win him the 1st place prize this year...

2A Final Champion - Shinji Saito

Shinji Saito has been winning yoyo competitions regularly since 2001. It's no wonder, then, that many consider him one of the true greats. Formerly a team member of both Yomega and Yoyofactory, the 8-time World Champion is currently sponsored by Turning Point.

3A Final Champion - Minato Furuma

Coming off a victory in the World Champs in 2010, Minato rides his wave of success to become the best in Asia-Pacific competition. Displaying the incredible synchronisation and concentration required for 3A, check out this video for a lesson from a master!

4A Final Champion - Tsubasa Onishi

The Japanese 4A regular wowed crowds with his excellent performance. Another competitor coming off a victory in the Worlds in 2010, he cemented his status as a 4A maestro with gold!

5A Final Champion - Takeshi Matsuura

A very familiar face took the crown in this discipline! Not for the first time, and certainly not for the last, Takeshi shows the skills that made him the youngest ever World Champion in 2008. Check out one of his signature yoyos, the Destiny.


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