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Brand: YoYoJam
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Cerberus is an all new design from YoYoJam maximizing on size, stability, and spin. Yoshi Mikamoto is a champion of all styles of yoyo play - the true 'iron man' of yo-yoing! His new Cerberus yoyo is true to the three headed monster's name, with a design built to cover the three core styles of string trick play.

The shape is sharp and cutting edge. A great choice for any string trick style of play including Triple A and Counterweight. It boasts huge aircraft aluminum weight rings that give it a very solid and smooth feel from your very first throw.

Features include YoYoJam's solid spin axle system for superior performance and durability, and YoYoJam silicone pads for excellent response. When you are ready to move on to more complex tricks by widening the gap, simply change to the stainless steel Speed bearing (included in the package) to move up to an unresponsive yo-yo capable of the most complex string tricks.

Please note the following warning regarding this product: Not for children under 13. Choking hazard - contains small parts.

YoYo Specification
Bearing Adjustable (change bearing)
Diameter 60mm
Gap Type Adjustable (change bearing)
Material Polycarbonate/Aluminium
Play String, Counterweight
Response Recessed silicone
Shape Butterfly
Sidecaps Recessed, fixed
Weight 69g
Width 40mm

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